How to Disable Ads on Xiaomi Apps

Xiaomi users are now frustrated with the Ads being shown on all MI Apps.

Also, Xiaomi executive confirmed on Weibo post that they are working on a new UI which will have fewer ads. The new UI (MIUI 11) will be released within 2 – 3 months.


But now we have a solution for you to stop these annoying ads. So follow the steps shown below for individual MI Apps (with screenshots).



  • Now you’ll have to wait for 10 seconds before you can tap Revoke.
  • Once you tap on it, it will show a message like this: “Couldn’t revoke authorization”.
  • Keep trying until you succeed. Usually, it is disabled after trying 3 – 5 times.

After this, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Ad services > Personalized ad recommendations > and set it to Off.


Disable Ads on Mi Music



Open the Mi Music App > Open Settings > Advanced Settings > Receive recommendations (Turn it off)


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Disable Ads on Mi Video



Open Mi Video App > Go to Account > Settings > Turn off the “Online recommendations” & “Push notifications”


Disable Ads on Mi Security



Open Mi Security App > Tap the Settings icon (on the top right) > scroll down and turn off “Receive recommendations”


Disable Ads on Mi File Manager



Open Mi File Manager > Visit Settings > Tap on “About” > Turn off “Recommendations”


Disable Ads on Mi Browser



Open Mi Browser > Go to Settings > Scroll Down and tap on “Privacy & security” > Turn off “Personalized services”


Disable Ads on Mi Downloads


Open Mi Downloads > Go To Settings > Turn off “Show recommended content”


Disable Ads on Mi Cleaner



Open Mi Cleaner > Tap on Brush icon (on the top right) > Then tap on the Settings icon (on the top right) > Turn off “Receive recommendations”



If you still face any difficulties in any of the above mentioned steps, then kindly Contact Us. We will definitely try to help you.

All the information are collected from different sources available on the public domain, so if you found any copyrighted content just email us at [email protected] and we will try to remove that in 48hrs.

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