Droom – Super Sipper Sale

Sale Date: 6th Sep 2019



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Droom offers the cheapest Super Sipper on its flash sale.

Super Sipper Available for the following prices (price differs from sale to sale):


  • Rs 9
  • Rs 29
  • Rs 49


Visit Droom.in or get the Android App of Droom from Playstore to avail the offer.

Sale starts at 11 A.M. Offer is limited to once per user.

The process to buy:-

(Using Website)

  1. Visit Droom.in using any browser
  2. Log in to your account (We recommend you to register your account in advance)
  3. Go back to the link given in step 1.
  4. Then you will see the “Proceed” button. (Check the availability of that button from 10:50 A.M., Keep refreshing the page)
  5. When the “Proceed” button appears, click on it. Then you will be redirected to the Super Sipper Page.
  6. You will see the original price of the Super Sipper which is around/above ₹499. So don’t get confused.
  7. Add the Super Sipper to your cart/bag.
  8. Then go to your cart & there you will see the Promo Code. Just apply it to get the discount.
  9. Then just simply checkout with your address (We recommend you to save your address in advance) & make the online payment.
  10.  Done. You will get confirmation SMS/E-mail. Congratulations !!

(Using App)

  1. Download the Droom Android App in advance.
  2. Then open the App & Login to your account (We recommend you to register your account in advance).
  3. You will see a banner of the offer on the home page of the App.
  4. Now follow the same process mentioned above (Step 4 – 10)

Also keep watching this place for more updates, sale date, promo code.

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